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Appliances Repair in Sherwood Park

Appliances Repair In Sherwood Park Performed By Expert Technicians

or Call: 780-468-4616

We specialize in major appliance repairs. We can help you with everything from a  squeaky dryer to a warm refrigerator. With our helpful appliance repair service in Sherwood Park, we can fix your appliance and your life will go back to normal in no time. If you are in need of an appliance repair, call us today and our professional technicians will be able to help you. Our technicians are fully licensed and have years of experience with all types of appliances. They can fix any appliance that is not working properly, no matter the age or brand. We have a great reputation for our customer service and our affordable rates.

Our technicians are fully trained on how to diagnose issues and repair appliances from most major brands including Whirlpool, Frigidaire, Samsung, and LG. And specialize in all types of residential Clothes Washers, Dryers, Ranges, Fridges and Dishwashers. Our technicians can easily deal with both electric and gas appliances. Our repair process varies appliance to appliance but it customized to ensure your fast appliances repair, so you don’t have to worry and get back to life as normal.

We pride ourselves on our ability to identify any appliance issue and solve it with minimal interruption to your daily routine. Once the issue is identified, our technician provides a comprehensive quote with a transparent price, so you know exactly how much you are paying for your repair.

Why Choose Appliance All Service?

• All our appliance technicians have many years of experience
• Service on the go. We can typically get you a technician for your appliances repair within 1 day of you booking
• Our prices are affordable and transparent
• Seniors discounts are available for appliances repairs in Sherwood Park
• 100% warranty of quality for any service
• We are experienced in fixing all appliance models


or Call: 780-468-4616

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